We are on Social Media !!! Everyone is on Facebook and now so are we, you can keep up with our activities, events and stories through our Facebook page and our Twitter account @wtownrotaryNext on the Horizon.... Instagram and Youtube :)
Why Social Media?
Antoinette Tuscano of Rotary International notes that:
"Social media has been a powerful tool in spreading Rotary’s message. When BigMarker conducted a survey this summer of which nonprofits in the Chicago market had made the biggest impact on social media, Rotary came out on top in our use of Twitter and Facebook (231,000 Facebook likes and 204,000 Twitter followers), second in use of all social media in the Chicago area, and 20th in the United States.  Social media has become increasingly important for Rotarians and the organization because it allows us to interact and learn from one another, which people do on our 40,000 member LinkedIn group. I’ve learned a lot from Rotarians about what’s important to them in their communities, and several Rotarians have told me that LinkedIn has helped them feel the global reach of an organization that is so much more than their local Rotary club. Social media also has been a great way for Rotarians to be made aware of the work of other Rotarians around the world."
As an international organization, we have to ensure that we are always exploring pays of connecting the purple valley with the rest of the world and our social media  will be the fastest and most effectigve way for us to do that.